PDI Concerns

As an experience PDI inspector with over 25 years in the industry and with countless inspections behind me, as both builders’ representative and independently I feel the need to voice my concerns, with regard to what I feel is misleading and contradictory information being passed on from builders to new home owners at PDI. This is in addition to the usual PDI concerns that I have always had. I am now especially concerned with what I feel is extremely misleading information being given to purchasers by the builder’s representative (at the PDI )

Home owners are being told by the builder’s representative that there will be a follow up inspection on or about the 25th day following the PDI, they are going as far as calling it a 30 day inspection and are booking appointment times and dates with the purchaser.
My problem with this is that it is confusing for home owners who believe the builder is coming back to conduct the 30 Day inspection for them. Do not be confused by this information it is misleading.
First of all it is not in the best interest of the home owner to have the builder conduct this very important 30 Day Inspection for them…. conflict of interest to say the least. It is the responsibility of the home owner to inspect and report all defects and deficiencies to on the proper forms and within the specific timelines.  I have witness home owners being told by the builder’s rep that when they come in to do this so called 30 day inspection they will be happy to help them fill out the 30 day list, and even offerto fax it. I feel that this is an attempt by the builder to control what is being reported to (which works in favour of the Builder) and clearly an attempt to by pass home owners submitting a proper 30 day inspection list.

The 30 Day inspection is very important, since it is the first opportunity for the home owner to submit a request for service, and time and care should be taken to note all deficiencies.  
It is not uncommon for the builder to book appointment with home owners with-in the 30 day period, as a matter of fact it is standard practice in the industry that builders come back to ensure that the PDI items are being addressed, mostly paint and drywall defects with trade related items being sent back to the  trades to be rectified, therefore this should not be referred to as a 30 day inspection but as a PDI follow-up inspection which is usually the responsibility of the Construction department  to clean up.

It is your right as a purchaser to ensure that all defects, big or small, are documented at PDI  nothing should be deferred to the 30 Day, as is common practise with the builder’s representative, they will try to discourage purchasers from documenting defects or queries at your PDI walk through, instead assuring them that the problem will be rectified before they move in or, can be deferred to the 30 day inspection appointment  Beware of this practice of verbal agreements with your builder’s representative they are very difficult to verify if the issue is not rectified as promised by the builder (we do not accept verbal agreement from the builder at purchase and sale agreement so why are we doing so at PDI and 30 Day?) I strongly discourage deferring anything from PDI to 30 Day
The PDI report is specific to the existing conditions of the house at the time of the walk through; the 30 Day is an entirely different inspection which is generally handled by the builder’s Service Department after closing and not by the Construction Department My advice to new home owners is weather you choose to hire a professional to do your 30Day or compile the list on your own, it is important to do a thorough inspection to the interior and exterior of the home and to submit it on time.

For my clients I book this 30 Day follow up inspection after PDI and have the report prepared before the build comes back for the so call 30 Day inspection, in hopes that some of the items on the list will be addressed. For those of you who have upcoming PDI inspections scheduled with your builder I hope this article will be useful to you, on the other hand if you feel the need to have a professional accompany you, please feel free to call me at New Home Inc to inquire about rates and how it could benefit you to have a consultant with you. I am currently offering discount rates to new home owners in and around Milton
Best Wishes,
Carole DeBarry